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               DOWNLOAD & TEST Android SMS marketing - DEMO .ZIP


1. First initiation the application after installation:

- After installation click in the field on the first page, and enter the number of your friends,
- click on SAVE NUMBERS
- type the message
- Click on TEST before the start, because the program does not allow START if either the number or the message is not entered.
- Click on START
The program will send the message to the specified number.
- This allowing application to automatically form files for normal operation.
- After this procedure, it can be enabled sent message to 2, 200, 2000 ..... numbers.

2. Sending mass messages
- In your computer - Create a text file TelefoniSMS.txt
- from the list of numbers of your clients take only numbers, no other data and no headers and copy them to the file TelefoniSMS.txt.
- numbers must be in the first left vertical column, one below the other, must have leading zero, regardless of whether they are national orinternational form:
063256 ......
065452 ....
0965412 .....
00381652321 .....
004796325 ....
- connect the phone to a computer and in the phone see the same file that the application is automatically created when sending the first messages on the phone of your friend. This should be the location of the My Files/storage/emulated/0 -, or the like.
- copy the numbers from your computer to the specified file in the phone.
- start the application. On the first page Click on button NEW NUMBERS. In the upper right corner you can see how many there are.
- Enter text message
- click on the TEST before the start - and if all is OK,
- click on START.
- Counter in the upper right corner shows a declining state, it means that the handover of the message takes place successfully. When an application sends last message, the counter shows 0, your phone beep sounds and the screen appears notification that the process of handing over completed.
- Working file was emptied, and the numbers are copied to another file in the phone wich is automatically created. The message is also saved in a separate file.

3. Sending mass messages to the already used numbers
- An important feature of the program is that during this process up, program has copied all the numbers and message and save them in the phone.
- This significantly facilitate the sending of other messages to the same numbers, or repeating the same message to the same numbers.
- In this case, after starting the application immediately after the end of the previous session, or later, according to your need.
- Click on USED NUMBERS, add another one, or delete unwanted, and click SAVE NUMBERS.
- counter in the top right corner will show the status of these numbers, and the screen will display a message that the numbers are successfully saved.
- Click on IMPORT MESAGE and if necessary make the desired changes,
- click on Test before the start, and if you get a message that the numbers, and message are OK,
- click on START.

4. Send individual messages or send messages to small group
- When you start the application, if the working file is empty, - and if not - empty it by clicking the Clean working file,
- Click in the field on the first page and when there is a numeric keypad, enter the number or numbers, in the manner described above.
- Click on the SAVE NUMBERS,
- Check and edit the message text,
- Click on the TEST before the start, and if you program notifies you that everything is ready,
- Click on START

5. Filing a sending report
- If necessary, keep a journal report of the messages you send, - that can be done by re-establish a connection between phone and computers, find IzvestajSMS.txt file located in the same location as the working file and copy it to a computer and stored in a suitable place.

6. The files that the application creates at the above location:
- TelefoniSMS.txt. That is the working file
- SMSizvestaj.txt. That is the report file,
- Poruka.txt That is a file in wich the message has been copied.
- KopijeBrojeva.txt That is a file in wich the numbers has been copied

DEMO version is limited - 10 charactes and 5 numbers

Download and instal:
1. - Before downloaad: In your phone allow instalation software from sources other than Play Store. Click on Settings, More, Security, Unknown sources and check in option "Allow instalation of apps from sources other than the Play Store"
2 - In your android phone you need to have winzip. If don't have, visit PlayStore
Click here, Download: Android SMS marketing - DEMO
WinZip will popup and help you to instal application. Click on Instal.

More info: or call 0038163224624
Full version these buisniss application SMS marketing is 300E + taks

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